Staffing Solutions


With access to over 65 SME’s in the areas of executive management, strategic planning, contract transition, nuclear operations, waste management, engineering, technical support, project management, and operations support, SE&C provides cost-effective staffing solutions for short- and long-term assignments. Our SMEs core capabilities include:

Strategy Development and Positioning

  • Pipeline development and strategic approach to capture business opportunities
  • Business vision, capture strategy, and teaming agreement development
  • Technical solutions development and implementation
  • Preparation of trade-off studies

Engineering and Technical Support

  • Engineering and design solutions for process/operating systems in complex work environments
  • Technology assessments, integration and deployment
  • Conduct/support to facilitate technical design, equipment fabric ability, and installation
  • Technology development, readiness assessments, and maturation plans

Project Management

  • Resource identification and assignment
  • Performance reporting
  • Compliance with DOE O 413.3B Program and Project Management for the Acquisition of Capital Assets
  • Change control for management, scheduling, estimating, cost evaluations, and analysis
  • Earned Value Management System (EVMS) compliance

Operations Support

  • Operational readiness reviews/readiness assessments
  • Facility commissioning and startup
  • Procedure development, training, and implementation
  • Radioactive material management including waste characterization, packaging, storage, transportation, and disposal
  • Management assessments including de-bottlenecking and troubleshooting technical and management processes
  • Process optimization/improvement
  • Culture change and team building

Contract Transition

  • Transition management
  • Due diligence SMEs
  • Admin support

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