Proposal Development Services

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SE&C’s implements a tailored approach of our EDGE2win proposal process for small to large proposals. We have a full suite of resources that can provide turnkey management of the proposal or provide support on an as needed basis. Our resources include:

  • Proposal managers
  • Proposal coordinators
  • Graphics designers
  • Graphics conceptualizers
  • Proposal editors
  • Proposal writers
  • Desktop publishers (Word and Adobe Creative Suite)
  • Technical SMEs in the areas of:
    • Engineering
    • Technology assessments, integration, and deployment
    • Project management
    • Contract transition
    • Environmental, Safety, and Health
    • Quality Assurance including NQA-1
    • Nuclear operations
    • Facility commissioning and startup
    • Process optimization
    • Labor relations
  • Technical Volume leads
  • Basis of Estimate writers
  • Schedulers
  • Estimators
  • Executive Level Color Team reviewers

Our capabilities also include Orals training including presentation style, techniques for problem solving  and answering questions, and leading or participating in mock Source Evaluation Boards (SEB).

For more information on proposal development services please contact Edgardo Berrios at or fill out our contact form.